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Leadership Is Rooted In Your Life Story

Leadership is not about one’s position or title, it is about Life Story. Everybody has a unique story, everybody can and should lead. Most of us human beings wrongly believe that just some of us can be leaders. We constantly cherish the myth that just a

Self Made Prisons

“We are all self made but only the successful will admit it” Earl Nightingale The world around us is a reflection of our definitions about life and the world. Life is a mirror through which we see our thoughts and beliefs. A friend of mine

Finding The Rhythm Of Your Life

The end and start of a new year is always a time of excitement for having come thus far as well as a time of reflection about the previous year. It is a time when most of us take the time to evaluate ourselves and

When The Music Fades

I listened to a very lovely and soothing song that kind of just lingered on my mind and heart long after it had ended. It set me in a thoughtful and reflective mood that I had not enjoyed in a while for one reason or

Dealing With Unmet Expectations

“Anger always comes from frustrated expectations”  Elliot Larson Have you ever wondered why people actually fight? It is an interesting reality of life that happens in all aspects of our relationships with others right from sibling fights, friends, workmates and spouses. And yet in spite

Goals Are The Stepping Stones To Success

Goals provide you with direction in all areas of your life Private, Career, Religious, Material, and Contribution. Goals provide you with a direction in life. A reason to rise early in the morning and go to bed late at night. Goals will put drive and

The True Essence Of Giving

I recently had an interesting experience that brought me face to face with the true essence of giving. It was a special day for a friend of mine and I wanted to be part of their happiness by celebrating with the person. As usual I

Hope Is The Door Into Your Desired Future

A couple of days ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about a future commitment to something and to my amazement she was hesitant to make any kind of verbal commitment to this arrangement. It did puzzle me for a while

Live Each Day Like It Is The Last

When I heard about the sudden death of a dear friend, it shook me to the core because she was in my age bracket and her life was just beginning. I could not help but think about all the dreams and plans that she was

Whatever Happens, be Positive

There are numerous lessons that life teaches us from time to time. One of the best ones that it teaches us over and over again, yet we fail to realize it is to be positive in life. Our mind is a home for both the