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Why You Should Try Again After The First Decline

Too many people give up after the first decline or failed attempt. They take ‘No’ for an answer and embrace it as a final verdict. The truth is there is always a window of opportunity beyond the first decline. Yesterday I was having a conversation

If not now, then when?

If not now, then when? I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately. I feel like many of us are in that space where the future is so uncertain so we would rather not stretch our minds in trying to hitch a strategic plan

If Failure Was Not An Option…

A little while ago, a friend of mine posed a question to me; – “What would you do if failure was not an option?” I had mixed feelings about the possibilities. A part of me was excited about the great achievements I would pursue and

How To Nurture A Mentoring Relationship

Mentoring relationships like any other relationship don’t thrive in a vacuum or by chance. All meaningful relationships must be nurtured to achieve the desired end. Identifying a mentor is only but the beginning of a great mentoring journey which requires investment and constant nourishing for

“I Don’t Need A Mentor”…. Part # 2

Picking up from our last discussion about mentoring, I would love to re-echo the fact that we all need mentors if we are to live to our full potential. Every successful person you know, was once a mentee, an apprentice or disciple to someone they

“I Don’t Need A Mentor….” Part # 1

Recently I was meeting up with a buddy and we were talking about life and clear goals. The person was sharing about their career ambitions and some of the dilemma’s they were facing. I interjected to inquire who they look up to or consult with

Clouded Judgement

If you have had a grain of dust stuck in your eye then you can agree with me that a small grain of sand  can feel like a whole bail of soil in your eye. It feels like a whole block is stuck in your

In The Blink of An Eye

Life is all about choices and the only true constant is change. Nothing stays the same forever. Everything changes—sometimes slowly, sometimes suddenly. Change affects us all and we each deal with change differently. With change comes the unknown, and uncertainty can be difficult to accept

Self-Defeating Beliefs

How we think is a deep reflection of what we believe as underlying truth. It shapes the lens through which we see the world, interpret circumstances and weigh options hence make decisions. Your personal values, perceptions, and attitudes make up your belief system. Self-defeating thoughts