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Business Services

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With profitability and business growth in mind our mission is to render the highest quality of personal and business development service to young professionals, visionaries and Start-ups within the local and national arenas and succeed in:

  • Providing business training with a view at improving performance in the market place
  • Facilitating transition of enterprises into the primary economy
  • Equipping work teams of highly competent and skilled individuals
  • Nurture holistic personal development for young professionals
  • Spearhead holistic personal and group coaching for young professional
  • Conducting our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards with service excellence and always act as a socially responsible corporate citizen
  • Listening and responding to the customer’s need and expectations with the motto to continuously strive to render the highest quality service.


Newen Consults offers the following consultancy services:

  • Assistance with Business Feasibility Studies
  • Assistance with Business Profiles
  • Assistance with impact assessment
  • Fundraising Proposals
  • Assistance with Marketing Plans
  • Assistance with Business Plans
  • Business Mentoring/Coaching
  • Business Financial Planning
  • Project planning and design
  • Curriculum development
  • Training of trainers
  • Content development & publication

 Kyusa supports early start-up entrepreneurs in low income communities such as urban slums, rural areas and refugee camps. We support the creation, improve the survival rate and accelerate the growth of micro and small enterprises (MSE). We provide business support services that enable entrepreneurs develop personal skills, business competencies, support networks and access to market opportunities.

Our mission is to stimulate job creation by identifying and empowering entrepreneurial youth to turn their passions into profitable, scalable and sustainable enterprises. We provide leadership and business development support services that enable young people to successfully start and grow their businesses.

The main program activities include:

  1.  Pre growth stage
    1. Business Startup Program (BSP) targeting youth at Idea-stage, Sole Employee Business, Working Prototype.
  2. Growth stage
    1. Business Acceleration Program (BAP) targeting business that are formalizing, Early Stage, 2-3 Employees, Early Revenue, Pre-profit.
    2. Social Entrepreneur’s Accelerator Program (SEAP) targeting social businesses that are Formalizing, Early Stage, 2-3 Employees, Early Revenue, Pre-Profit
  3. Continued growth
    1. Business study trips which involve sector-specific site visits with established larger companies to provide guidance / modelling for Kyusa entrepreneurs
    2. Dialogue series which involve skill-specific talk series from established business leaders on specific scale-up strategies, tools, processes
    3. Sustainable living project is a one which involve equipping alumni with sustainability skills in regards to food security and providing access health services/ insurance packages as well as introducing them to apension fund that targets people in the informal sector.