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The Power Of Choices

Approximately ten years ago, my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer in its advanced stages. It was the most horrifying news I had ever gotten. It is one thing to hear about an incurable ailment and another thing to have one of your very own family members get diagnosed with the same. I had heard about cancer, watched clips on the news and read articles in the papers but nothing prepared me for that report from the doctor about my mother’s health.

My mother was recommended for immediate chemotherapy and I was assigned the role of nursing her being the youngest of three. For the first phase of therapy we were admitted at Mulago main referral hospital for a week. Each morning she would have to go in for a chemotherapy session and I feared that she would not come back alive.

One thing that struck me, was the fact that my mother looked at me one of those days she was going in for therapy and said; “I refuse to die so don’t weep for me because I am coming back alive”. I was expecting some sort of ‘last words’ from a dying person but was very disappointed at my mother’s ‘false confidence’ because we both knew there is no cure for what she was suffering from. She used this statement often thereafter and we soon began to believe her. A year later, my mother was declared cancer free!!

My greatest lesson from that experience is the fact that life is all about choices and that we enjoy the fruits of our confession. Over the years I have gone through different situations that put me down and sometimes drove me to the very edge of my faith but this simple reminder of my mother’s choice has always given me the confidence to choose to press on and to press on long enough to win.

We find ourselves in very unpleasant situations from time to time and we tend to feel like victims of circumstances but in reality we have the power to change our situations. What you say to yourself will turn out to be a self-fulfilled prophecy. Watch the words you declare over yourself because they have the power of life and death. You are destined for greatness in-spite of where you are at and what you are going through.

Resolve in your heart to remain positive in-spite of your circumstances anchored on the fact that the sun will rise again and bring better days with it. Choose to focus on your destiny and the greatness within you. This reality has nothing to do with your feelings or what people say about you. People will easily recognize you in your spot light than in your preparation canal so be encouraged as you go through seasons of preparation and sharpening for your destiny. Refuse to be counted among those who gave up but stand up for what you believe and bear witness to the world that all things are possible to those who believe.

Your destiny is a matter of choice

Noeline Kirabo

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  1. “I refuse to die so don’t weep for me because I am coming back alive”… this statement is a deep statement that comes from an understanding of who you are in God.. its brewed from within, it has a sure foundation, its complete– one thing i know God doesn't heal in fractions, he heals in wholeness… Paul declared in I cor 6 … that all things are permissible but not all things are benefiical.. but i will not be brought under the power of anything, it is one of my profound statements to date, thanks for sharing..