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Do You Have A Century Mindset?

Every movement that has ever existed was birthed out of the sacrifices of men and women who felt their lives were not worth living at the expense of generations to come. This cuts across politics, religion and business. The cost of a movement is the sacrificed lives for the cause that is being advocated. The question is how many of us are willing and able to pay the price?
In the Easter festive season, we reflect on the death and resurrection of the Christ. A man that spear headed a movement for only three years and yet his impact continues to grow centuries later. Think about your business or enterprise that you have started, do you envision the impact of your venture centuries from now or are you building for the current generation?
The fact that there is a precedent of such success means that it is something that can be done however it comes at a price too high for many of us. Anything that will bear the streams of life will have to first die before it lives on. A seed must be die so it can germinate to give life to thousands of other seeds for generations to come.
I have been asking myself what it will take for me to build enterprises whose impact and legacy cuts across generations. There is something so dissatisfying about building for the moment and aiming for the short term returns. My heart is ignited by things that are sustainable and lasting that it has become an underlying drive for most of the things I do.
We live in a generation that lives for the moment however we need to learn to look beyond ourselves and invest in a way that has a positive impact on the generations to come. The cost of such a movement will have to be born on the shoulders of men and women who will choose to spearhead century movements with century visions and mindsets. There is a legacy that outlives economic value to a tangible transformation of lives. The greatest impact is the transformation we can bring about in the lives of people.

Is there a possibility that your impact will live past your earthly days? It begins with the choices you make today.

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