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Life has been defined as a race against time and limitation. We daily awaken to the reality of our insufficiency or that of the people we interact with. We aspire for greatness and yet often fall short of the mark. But have you ever wondered about who actually sets this so called mark that we aspire to attain?
I desire and aspire to be the best that I can be. I envision the possibility of living at my full potential and yet it daily eludes me. I stir myself up daily to embrace the challenges that life keeps throwing at me. I measure my success by the mountains that I conquer. I abound in the praise and glory that comes with winning. But the reality is that I can’t win all the time.

I am a passion driven social entrepreneur who is purely driven by social impact than by profits. I had to learn along the way that money is vital to meeting the goals that we set. When I touch a life then my day is made. But what happens when I wake up under the heavy cloud of failure for not having met the financial targets for the last quarter? Suddenly the triumphant ego is swallowed by the dejected sense of failure. I struggle to retain sight of the true purpose for living. We live to be remembered and that memory is only carried in the hearts of those that we touch.

I get caught between the dream and the reality, the struggle and the accomplishment that it soon ceases to matter or make sense. Sometimes I wake up at the end of my road, seemingly have hit a dead-end only to realize it was just the beginning of a new phase. Talk about miracles in broad day light, it is a miracle of more at the end. Envision a dry well flooding in the midst of a desert; such is the abundant wells of strength and courage that we possess from within.

When we operate in the safe spaces of our lives, we can forget about tapping into these reservoirs. The majority of us prefer to stick to the usual and ordinary least we find ourselves on the sidelines of society. I am accustomed to the out skirts of life and thrilled by the adventure of being contrary. There are experiences that can only be grasped outside the margins of the usual. Becoming a stranger to the ordinary releases you to the over flow of the extra ordinary.

Your true strength is proven at your weakest point yet we do everything in our power to avoid those points. Your most creative ideas are more prone to be birthed in the midst of your greatest adversity. You will make way for that which makes you feel uncomfortable. Discomfort is a launch pad for innovation and those who excel only do so as they learn to tap into the reservoirs that are birthed when you come to the end of themselves. Let go and let be should be the pattern by which you live because life is meant to be lived not secured. Potential is beyond your current accomplishment.

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