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Winning Attitude 16: Flock with great minds

Birds of the same feathers flock together and this cuts across all spheres of life. When you surround yourself with the wise, you soon become wise and the same applies to successful people. Your company is a determinant of the kind of person you become.  You might not set out like them but if you hang around them long enough, it will rub onto you so choose to surround yourself with the right people, with great minds.

85% of your success in life is going to be determined by the quality of the relationships that you develop in your personal and your business activities. The more people you know and who know you in a positive way, the more successful you will be and the faster you will move ahead. It is not enough to know the right people; it is paramount that they know you too because only them will that relationship add value to your life when you need it the most. Acquaintances are not part of your growth network but rather the relationships that you invest in and get appropriate returns in a mutual manner.

When we talk about the right people, this differs from one person to another. The person you deem right for your network will be defined by your goals, your environment, surrounding and aspirations. At virtually every turning point in your life, someone is standing there to either help you or hinder you. Successful people make a habit of building and maintaining a network of high-quality relationships throughout their lives, and as a result, they accomplish way beyond the average person who spends their time on time consuming activities.

More than 90 percent of your success will be determined by your “reference group.” Your reference group is defined as the people with whom you habitually identify and pass the time. You are like a chameleon in that you take on the attitudes, behaviors, values, and beliefs of the people with whom you associate most of the time. If you want to be a successful person, associate with positive people. Associate with people who are optimistic and happy and who have goals and who are moving forward in their lives. At the same time, get away from negative, critical, complaining people. If you want to fly with the eagles, you cannot scratch with the turkeys.

Successful people network continually. They join their industry and trade associations, attend every meeting, and get involved in the groups’ activities. They introduce themselves to people in business and social settings, hand out their business cards, and tell others what they do. The very best way to network and build your relationships is to constantly look for ways to help other people achieve their own goals. The more you give of yourself without expecting something in return, the more rewards will come back to you from the most unexpected sources. But first and fore most, ensure that you are within the right circles of people before you engage your networking gears.

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