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Make The Most Your Time By Adjusting Your Sail To Suit The Storm

We are already past half the year and it is easy to get into a panic mood. A lot has happened over the last six months that many of us did not see coming. We started the year with great aspirations only to be sabotaged in our tracks. But what seems like a setback could actually benefit us.

A critical attitude for all of us this year is the ability to adjust our sail. We are chartering unprecedented times and we are learning as we go along. Although this seems to apply to a global scale, it is also valid at a personal level. Your ability to adjust your sail will influence your commitment to pushing for your goals amidst the setback.

A common drill for many people around this time of the year is to review their annual goals. I wonder how you feel about your progress over the last six months but whatever the case is, be grateful that you are still alive. Things may not have gone according to plan, but you are still standing.

I took off time yesterday to review my annual goals and I must admit that a lot did not go according to plan but I have made some excellent progress on some goals. I purposed to celebrate the accomplishments so far instead of focusing on what did not work out. It is easy to get exasperated when you focus on what is not progressing instead of what is.

Your sail is your course of action, your desired end of set goals. It could have been the things you so badly wanted to accomplish this year but seem impossible under the circumstances. Maybe your goal was to work on a new project, but because of the lockdown, you missed your timeline. Instead of abandoning the entire project, how about reviewing the timeline?

Or maybe instead of aiming to complete the entire project, you could reset the goal to complete half of it over the next five months. See the possibility instead of the challenge.

Purpose to make the most of the next five months. Be optimistic and see the good in every situation.

Research has shown that optimistic people are more creative because they have a keen eye for opportunities. They see more possibilities than setbacks. They embrace life as an opportunity to be explored instead of a challenge that must be solved.

Your attitude in this season will determine how far you go and how much you accomplish. Five months is a lot to time, you can still accomplish so much. While some people have given up on this year, you can maximize the remaining months. Your choice to get out of the comfort zone will enable you to reach for your higher goals.

Every challenge presents an opportunity, seek to see the opportunity in the setbacks you have experienced this year. Turn your lemons into lemonades and your storms into a dance party. When you purpose to stay on course, the storms can only slow you down but they can’t deter you from progressing. Your mission for the next five months should be to stay on course.

Our greatest achievements happen when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone. I know it feels comfortable to use the epidemic as an excuse for not having accomplished your goals, but you will look at this year with regret if you fail to maximize the remaining months. Your destiny is in your choices, do the right thing.

Adjust your sail to suit the storm.


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