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4 Types Of Confidence You Need To Excel In Life

Life is confusing and can be hard to navigate, even more so if you lack confidence. Being able to excel in life takes confidence, and everybody lacks confidence in some areas.

Working on the different types of confidence, especially in areas you seem to have more trouble with, is essential to living a successful life. We are going to go over the four types of confidence you need to excel in life and how you can work on them daily.

The 4 Types of Confidence You Need To Excel In Life

1. Social Confidence

Social confidence is the ability to portray yourself as confident in social situations. This is typically done by empathizing with and understanding the mindset of the people around you. This can be through appearance, body language, and how you speak to people. Improving social confidence is easy as long as you consistently work at it.

Here are some good ways to improve social confidence

  • Dress For Success- One of the first things people judge you on is how you’re dressed. Dress how you’d like to portray yourself. The more put together you look, the more confident you will look and feel.
  • Engage In Conversation- People notice how much you talk to them. If you’re constantly avoiding conversation, it can show a lack of confidence. If you engage in conversation with others, even if it’s brief, it can up your confidence and the way you’re viewed. Start by making small talk and work your way up to deeper conversations.
  • Get rid of Self-Deprecating language- Many people who lack confidence will say things like “sorry for bothering you” or “I’m not that good at this” Instead, switch out self-deprecating phrases for more confident ones. Instead of “sorry for bothering you,” say “Thank you for taking the time.” Instead of “ I’m not that good at this,” say “ To the best of my knowledge,” Switching the way you talk about yourself can show you have confidence in who you are.

2. Confidence In Your Expertise

Being confident in your expertise is trusting in your skills or abilities. This can mean your ability to complete a difficult task or having knowledge of what you’re doing. The best way to work on your confidence in your expertise is to keep learning and be willing to let people correct you if you’re wrong. Don’t shy away from helpful advice or the chance to learn something new.

3. Physical Confidence

Being confident in your physical appearance is important because it can be challenging to make friends or have intimate relationships if you lack physical confidence.

Some easy ways to work on your physical confidence are

  • Positive Affirmations- Make a list of things you like about your appearance and recite them to yourself when you’re feeling low.
  • Workout- If you don’t like your appearance, you can try working out to lose weight, add muscle or lean out. Working out is a great way to make your body feel good even if you’re not looking for results. Becoming stronger or faster can boost your confidence and working out improves your quality of life.
  • Update Your Wardrobe- Try wearing clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good about yourself. Change things up and add some different things you wouldn’t normally think to wear.

4.  Confidence In Your Self-Worth

Knowing what you’re capable of and what you deserve in life can give you a clear view of how you want to live.

Here are a few tips to improve your confidence in your self-worth.

  • Forgive Yourself- You’re worthy of forgiveness even if you mess up or do something bad. You can’t have to live with the guilt forever. Give yourself the forgiveness you give others.
  • Encourage Yourself- Be your biggest cheerleader! Encourage yourself to try new things and take risks. Don’t talk yourself out of having a fun life.
  • Keep A Gratitude Journal- Every day, wake up and write down what you’re grateful for that day. It could be the food you get to eat or the way you feel. Express gratitude whenever you can for the things you do and how you live.


Confidence is a big part of life, and the more you have, the farther you can go. Building up your confidence in different aspects of your life can not only help you excel but make you a better person along the way.

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