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10 Little Habits To Improve Your Days

Thriving in 2023 and beyond is possible with some simple but effective habit changes! All of us have goals, both personal and professional, that we would like to achieve. Having habits that support these goals can help you stay on track and make the most out of your days.

Adding just 10 small habits to your daily routine can make a big difference! This helpful guide is full of practical tips to improve your health, productivity and general well-being. Take control of your day and maximize your potential by incorporating these useful tricks into your life today!

Read More Books

Reading more books has proven to be an easy and effective way to make your days feel more productive. Not only does it expand your knowledge and provide interesting topics to discuss, but regularly reading also helps reduce stress and make you feel calmer.

Those who read have better emotional wellness, improved memory, greater cognitive skill development, and even reduced paranoia–all benefits of picking up a book.

Taking out a few minutes each day not just to skim articles online or soak up memes on social media, but instead use that time to read can bring tremendous change in our daily lives. If we are looking for a fun little habit to adopt that is beneficial in multiple ways-reading books should be the top choice!

Adhere To The 80/20 Rule

Adhering to the 80/20 rule can help make your day more efficient and productive. For those unaware, the 80/20 rule is about spending your energy on ‘essential’ activities that bring the greatest returns but with minimal effort. For example, start every day with capturing ten minutes of reflection or take up a new hobby you’ve been wanting to explore.

These small habits will improve your focus and alertness over the course of the day, helping your productivity soar. Besides that, adhering to this rule will also keep you from concentrating too much effort in one place and falling into a rut of exhaustion.

Focus On One Task At A Time

Starting your day focused on one task at a time is a great way to improve your overall productivity. Taking on too many tasks simultaneously can be overwhelming, leading to a feeling of being inefficient and stressed out. Dedicating each hour or two of your day to one task allows you to concentrate fully and not get sidetracked by pursuing multiple goals simultaneously.

Make Your Bed In The Morning

Starting your day with a simple task like making your bed has proven to have positive impacts on the rest of your day. Not only does making your bed give you an accomplishment that signals that the day has begun, but it also creates a sense of order and structure in your living environment.

This feeling of structure and order can have a calming and energizing effect on yourself, allowing for smoother transitions throughout the rest of the day in all aspects of life.

Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Starting your day with exercise can be a great way to boost your mood, energy, and productivity. In fact, studies have found that regular exercise can significantly reduce stress and improve cognitive functioning throughout the day.

Plus, exercising in the morning ensures that you get it done first so that life’s other distractions don’t get in the way. Exercising for even just thirty minutes at the beginning of your day can provide lasting physical and mental benefits.

Listen More Than You Speak

Active listening is not an innate skill, it needs to be cultivated and refined. Listening more than we talk in conversations allows us to hear other perspectives, gain new knowledge and better understand the feelings of others. Allowing more room for another person’s ideas, thoughts, and beliefs rather than just our own can be a game changer when it comes to effective relationships and communication.

Compliment Others

Complimenting others is a powerful and positive habit that can brighten both your and the receiver’s day. It is an easy and effective way to connect with people in a meaningful, satisfying way.

Not only does it build relationships, but expressing positive sentiments to someone can help them feel appreciated and celebrated for their strengths, achievements, or even just for being themselves. Other benefits of complimenting include lifting self-esteem through recognizing accomplishments, helping create discussion topics when meeting new people, and expressing appreciation towards the effort made by friends or family members.

Smile More

Smiling more is one of the easiest little habits to improve your day and can have a positive impact on all those around you. It has been proven to bring out positive feelings in those who smile and, by association, those you are engaging with. Studies have also shown that people who smile more tend to be seen as more confident and likable, making them more attractive to others in both professional and personal settings.

Sit In Silence Every Day

A few minutes of silence each day can lead to improved mental health, better focus, and more calming. Adding a practice of peacefulness and quiet concentration into our daily lives can have remarkable effects – from reducing stress levels to enabling us to make well-thought decisions. When we take time to sit in stillness, we allow ourselves moments of rest from the chaos and constant input from the world around us.

Not only does it allow us to practice mindfulness, it gives our minds the space they need in order to process information with clarity and discernment. On the days when feeling overwhelmed is inevitable, taking a short break can be the breath of fresh air we all need in order to bring some equanimity back into our lives.

Set 3-5 Small Tasks That Need To Be Completed

Setting achievable goals every morning is the key, as it will allow you to have a clearer understanding of what needs to be done and make sure you are staying productive and focused on the task at hand. Put this little habit into practice and see how much better organized you become, but don’t forget to reward yourself with a break or two!


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