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Love culture #6 Generosity

Giving is an expression of love and we give from the abundance of our hearts. Generosity has nothing to do with how much you have but rather your willingness to give. Generous people have mastered the concept of stewardship.
When you come to the realization that in essence you don’t own anything in life rather you are a steward of whatever is entrusted to you, then you begin to approach life from another dimension. You can freely give because you know that you’re true wealth is eternal.

Investing in other people through generosity is one way of letting people know that they matter and are important to you. Generosity is when you put the needs of others before your own being confident of the fact that the universe has enough resources for all of us.
Generous people never lack because the universe constantly supplies for their needs in abundance so they always have enough to give. When you break the scarcity mentality, you enter a world of unlimited abundance.
We live in a time where people are becoming more and more self centered. Generosity is one of the keys to break this pattern. You can choose to be generous no matter where you are in life. You can choose to be a blessing, knowing it’s more blessed to give than to receive.
Generosity unlocks the flow of wealth, the more you give is the more you will have. Come to a place where you give as a way of life and not as an obligation. All around us there are enormous opportunities to be a blessing. Take one step at a time, one day at a time and it will soon become a lifestyle.
Love culture is about generosity and we all have the seed of generosity, all we have to do is nurture it into manifestation.

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