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Starting Strong #17 Develop a sense of urgency

We are in a constant race against time, there is always more to do than the availability of time. We are surround by many things that demand for our time and attention. Time is one of the most scare resources in the 21st century. It amazes me how some people seem to have so much time to waste when some of us desire to add more hours to our days. The real difference lies in our priorities.
Complacency is one of the biggest enemies of progress in any aspect. When we become comfortable with where we are, we see no need to improve or even act fast. To develop a sense of urgency, you have to embrace the need to adapt to the various changes going on around you. Increasingly changing environments create a need for alertness and agility which demands a sense of urgency. You must know what change is necessary to move you to your next level and choose to act with a sense of urgency. This concept applies both to business and personal life, the early adopters always get the most out of any given intervention. Know what you want, priorities it and wait for the earliest opportunity to make it happen.

Success is when preparedness meets opportunity. We live in a very competitive economy and a sense of urgency is required for one to make the most of the opportunities that come their way. Hard work must be matched with SMART strategies and swiftness in execution. Without urgency, there’s no motivation to pursue your goals. Refuse to procrastinate but rather choose to be proactive.
Inorder to create a sense of urgency you must be in the moment. Remaining present in the moment will help you to focus fully on the task at hand and to get the job done in the most effective and efficient means possible. This will have to be coupled with discipline to keep you focused and on task no matter how many distractions and obstacles come your way.
Remember in the multitude of counselors there is safety. Don’t get caught up in the spider web of simply getting things done but rather seek the counsel of wise people even as you make critical and sensitive decisions. Act wisely and do so with a sense of urgency.

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