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How to become financially independent 2: Change your belief system

 In order to accomplish anything, you need to believe first that it’s possible. Most people never really believe in themselves, and as a result, they never get far. The moment you truly believe that you will succeed, your mind starts to think of ways to get there. It’s counter-intuitive, but in order to achieve the kind of wealth that brings long-lasting fulfillment, abundance, and happiness to one’s life, we often need to get out of our own way. We need to let certain beliefs go, not do more based on the ones we’ve got.

Perhaps the most powerful single factor in your financial success is your beliefs about yourself and money. We call this the Law of Belief. It says simply this: Whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality. Whatever you intensely believe becomes your reality. That we have a tendency to block out any information coming in to us that is inconsistent with our reality.

Successful people absolutely believe that they have the ability to succeed. And they will not entertain, think about, or talk about the possibilities that they’ll fail. They do not even consider the possibility of failure. You always act in a matter consistent with your beliefs. The most important belief system you can build is a prosperity consciousness where you absolutely believe that you are going to achieve your financial goals.

Another principle related to your beliefs is willpower. We know that willpower is essential to any success. Willpower is based on confidence. It’s based on conviction. It’s based on faith. It’s based on your belief in your ability to triumph over all obstacles. And you can develop willpower by persistence, by working on your goals, by reading the biographies of successful people, by listening to audio programs, by reading books about people who’ve achieved success. The more information you take into your mind consistent with success, the more likely it is that you will develop the willpower to push you through the obstacles and difficulties you will experience.

Your beliefs act like a set of filters that screen out information that is inconsistent with them. You do not necessarily believe what you see but rather you see what you already believe. You reject information that contradicts what you have already decided to believe, whether or not your beliefs, your prejudices, are based on fact or fantasy. This is especially true with regard to money.

The best belief that you can develop within yourself is that you are destined to be a big success financially. When you are absolutely convinced that you are a financial success in the making, you will engage in the behaviors that will make it come true. If someone else is doing better, it is largely because he has developed his natural talents and abilities more than you have. He has learned the laws of cause and effect that apply to his life and finances before you have. But anything anyone else has done, within reason, you can probably do as well. You just need to learn how.

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