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Millionaire Mindset Series 31: Stay Focused

There are so many things competing for and demanding our attention in life. If you don’t make a conscious effort to determine what is important to you, what you have passion in and where you are going to focus your emotions, your time and energy, you will live consistently in reaction to the demands of the moment.

It is all about focusing on things that matter and things you can control. It is all about cutting through the BS (the demands at the moment) consuming all your time and then focusing on what’s important to you. Get good at achieving what you want and your life will change forever!!!

The most effective way to directing your focus, to achieve what you want is by asking yourself the right questions. My mentors have taught me that the process of thinking is nothing more than the process of asking questions. The challenge most people have is that they do not ask high quality questions. For example, if you ask yourself, “How come I can’t create abundance?” your brain might answer. “Because you don’t follow through…from fear of the obligations (cost, time, and effort) required to establish a new business venture”.

On the other hand, if you ask yourself “How can I create abundance and have fun?” your brain will give you an entirely different answer – one that helps you create the solution – such as “Take advantage of a business opportunity that you have passion in, one that requires minimal investment, provides personal freedom and lifestyle flexibility through a done for you system allowing you to work on your business and not in it, and successfully makes money while you are sleeping”.

The main challenge for many people in their individual personal development journey and growing a business…is that at times it feels like an emotional roller coaster. Which most people cannot handle!!
The #1 rule to implement to ensure you remain patient, positive and persistent is that “You Need to Keep Your Emotions in Check” Keep on an even keel. Never go higher than a 6 and lower than a 4 with your emotions. This will ensure sustainability in moving forward during the fantastic days as well as the challenging days.

Also remember to always focus on the prize, the end goal. And never focus on the obligation – the steps you must take for personal growth. This will help control Emotional Balance, the key to sustained motivation and ultimate success.

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