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If Failure Was Not An Option…

A little while ago, a friend of mine posed a question to me; – “What would you do if failure was not an option?” I had mixed feelings about the possibilities. A part of me was excited about the great achievements I would pursue and yet another part of me didn’t believe that failure could ever be eliminated.

Many of us get caught up in this dilemma for too long. Probably you have been dancing on that mountain of opportunity for so long. You have possibly been weighing the options since the start of the year and now as the year comes to an end, you’re still not decided about which way to go.

Indecision is often times not tied to a lack of morale but rather to an absence of grit.

I must say that it takes courage to take major leaps in life. However, playing it safe rarely gets you to the top of that mountain you want to conquer.

All around us, history dictates that every great achievement was accomplished by someone who dared to step out of their comfort zone. This does not mean they did not have any fears but rather points to the fact that they turned their fear into a driving factor for success. Embracing your fears is key to leveraging them to triumph. I am sure you have heard the phrase- ‘Do it scared!’ And yes, that is the way to go.

When you wait for the perfect moment, often times it never comes. There will always be something that is out of step but your focus must be fixed on the big picture. Set backs are part of life but champions learn to rise up faster than they fall and purpose to keep moving no matter how painful it might feel. Your last failure should become a threshold for your next big breakthrough.

Many successful people ascribe to the fact that they had to attempt their pursuit several times before they eventually succeed. Many of us give up before we even try. Failing is never an end in itself but rather a new insight into another approach that doesn’t work. You need faith and courage to step out not necessarily the perfect conditions. You can succeed in spite of your biggest failures in the past if you choose to believe that you can then you will.

Failure is just an alternative not a definite. You can choose not to make failure an alternative in your life by choosing to keep trying until you succeed. Think about that big goal you have been putting off for a while and consider the possibilities again. This time, take failure out of perspective and focus on reaching the finish line no matter how long it will take. Start to take some baby steps in the direction of your goal and each day you will start to get closer to it than you were before.

I believe you can do it, do you believe the same?

There is incredible power in self-belief. No matter how much the entire world believes in you, if you don’t believe in yourself, its not going to make any difference. To rise above your fears, you must first learn to believe in yourself and to acknowledge the great potential that you have. Matching that belief with any goal or commitment will inevitably result in undeniable success.

So what if failure was not an option, what would you do?

Take the first step today and choose to be unstoppable for the rest of your life by unlocking your potential every single day!

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