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The Importance of Having A Strong Support System

The people in your community who you surround yourself with play a key role in the levels of confidence you have and your overall well-being and success. However, if you cannot trust in your support system then that impacts your ability to believe in yourself and to succeed. The following outlines the reasons it matters to have confidence in your support system and how it benefits you.

Motivation: One of the ways your support system can be of benefit to you is by helping to motivate you. The people around you can illuminate your strengths and remind you of your goals in a way that keeps you excited and on track when it comes to the pursuit of tasks. Having confidence in your support system ensures that this is something you can continue to benefit from.

When you trust the people around you then you have the security of knowing that even if you get distracted you have people in your corner who will refocus you and keep you on task. Not having people who you feel you can rely on in this manner may be a sign that you need a new support system.

Encouragement: Your support system should also be a strong source of encouragement for you. They can remind you of the talents and skills you have that you can use to help you reach goals and overcome trials.

When you have confidence in your support system it means you know that you are surrounded by people who will keep you uplifted when discouragement and trials approach. On the other hand, if you don’t have confidence in your support system it means you may have people around you who doubt your abilities. Thus, they may actually detract from your feelings of confidence and contribute to self-doubt.


Access to Resources: The people in your support system can also aid you when it comes to accessing resources. Our support system can offer tools such as information, experience, finances, connections and other assets that can help you as you work towards certain goals.

Having confidence in your support system means you know that there is a reliable group of people who you can go to for assistance if you run into trouble, or if you are looking for wisdom so you can avoid issues. An inability to trust your support system can mean doubts that you’ll have what you require when the time comes, limiting success and progress.

Accountability: When you have a good support system, they will also offer you feedback that will hold you accountable. The people we keep around us, when they are sound and invested in our well-being, will be committed to calling us out when we are wrong and providing us with observations that will help us reflect and become better. When you cannot trust your support system you risk being surrounded by people more interested in keeping you happy or comfortable. Or you risk being surrounded by people who have more concern for themselves and little care for you. In either scenario, this lack of honesty with you will prevent you from experiencing personal growth and rob you of the information you need to better reach your targets.

Mental Health: Ultimately, when you have confidence in your support system it means you will have improved mental health. Not having to worry about the nature of your relationships with the people around you because of your trust within them relieves stress and anxiety, leading to better mental health outcomes.

Meanwhile, those who are unable to trust in their support system might find themselves constantly worrying, stressed, on edge, and unable to be their authentic selves, leading to poor mental health outcomes.

Overall, it’s important to be able to have confidence in those who you consider a part of your support system. This confidence in others allows you to be your best and most effective self, leading to more growth and a more effective pursuit of your goals and dreams. Thus, take close stock of the people you keep around you and if you have someone in your life you struggle to trust, consider whether removing them would be beneficial to you.


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