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How to trust the process

You have probably heard the phrase- “Trust the process”, but this can be hard, especially in times of uncertainty. When we face hardships, it can be challenging to believe that those things have a purpose. It can feel like our challenges weigh us down and have no other purpose but to hurt us and make things more difficult.

However, we can learn to alter our perspective and develop confidence that things happen for a reason, even when those things are less than ideal. The following are attitudes and viewpoints that we adopt so that we can cultivate this confidence in our lives and cope with anything we may face.

Learning Opportunities: When we face anything, good or bad, it becomes a tremendous opportunity to learn. As we walk through various experiences we develop knowledge, skills, and talents that can then be applied to other areas and events in our lives. When we view the current things that we face as chances to learn and develop new skills it can make even challenges seem worthwhile and valuable.

Opportunities for Growth: We can also develop confidence that things happen for a reason when we understand that the things that happen give us the chance to grow as well. The fact is that growth is facilitated by change, meaning that no matter what happens it will result in some type of growth and development. So whether positive or negative, we are able to learn and mature in ways that help us to become better people and contribute in more valuable ways.

Forward Progression: Embracing the idea of forward progression as a result of the experiences we walk through can also help us to trust that all things happen for a reason. When we learn more and grow as a result of that learning, it inevitably leads to forward progression in our lives. The more we know and the more skills we possess the better we can deal with situations and scenarios that arise and the further we can progress.

Build Resilience: Resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly from challenges we may face. Another way to develop confidence that things happen for a reason is to embrace that the things we endure build resilience in us.

As we face and overcome challenges, we get better at coping with difficulties. This means that we are better able to navigate anything we face as time progresses because we develop new and evolving skills that allow us to cope in more advanced ways.

Help Others: It can also be helpful when you are trying to develop confidence that things happen for a reason, is to know that the things you go through can be beneficial for others. There are people that we are connected to and people that we don’t even know who watch us and the way we handle things.

Whether we succeed or fail, people learn from the things that we do. They learn positives and negatives and lessons from the choices that we make that they can then apply to their own lives and situations. So even when our outcomes are less than ideal, we can aid others and prevent them from making poor choices or help them to build on our successes so that they can do even better than us.

More Compassionate: The things that we go through give us a deeper sense of understanding when it comes to other people. We begin to relate to more people and develop compassion for people and scenarios that we otherwise would not have.

Our compassion helps us grow as individuals because our understanding can be applied to future scenarios and help us relate better to people. Additionally, our compassion can help others as we extend kindness to them in moments and scenarios that are challenging. When people feel seen, heard, and understood they gain hope that helps them hold on and move forward.

When you know that things happen for a reason it helps you be able to cope with and recover from challenges you face. While developing this understanding is not always easy, with some adjustments in mindset you can get to that place.

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