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Millionaire Mindset Series 33: Leverage Your Success

One of the most powerful concepts learned from the top entrepreneurs is the power of leverage. So what does leverage really mean? Well the dictionary says it’s: influence, power, force, control. In other words, leverage is doing more with less: using less time, effort, energy, and investment with more income, results, value and free time. The true secret to living an abundant life is not to getting a great job or business, but to learning how to leverage your life for more freedom.

Truly understanding this concept is what separates the poor and middle class from the wealthy. The poor are conditioned to use only enough leverage to just to get by. The middle class will work until they feel comfortable, and then stop adding value to their lives. The wealthy are conditioned to add more throughout their lives to create more wealth. They understand that creating wealth involves leveraging their time and money.

Let it be known, the entrepreneurs that are too busy area actually lazy! That’s a tough statement to hear, but it’s true! Most people keep doing what they are doing (being busy), because it will take more work in the beginning to get (un-busy)! People can be (lazy) not ready to invest more time, not ready to think different, not ready to take other action to get (un-busy). So they keep going around in circles being less productive and definitely not living the freedom lifestyle.

People with the millionaire mindset know that in order to make change you have to embrace some short term pain for long term gain! You have to pay the price to get paid the price. In order to get (un-busy) and have more free time in your life, you need to take a step back and actually begin to ask new questions and take new actions to leverage your success. Leverage resources (time, people and money) to be more efficient, productive and live the freedom lifestyle that is desired.

Are you able to step back and see the bigger picture? Once you make the shift from (micro manager to leader) or (business operator to owner), you will maximize your success, allow your organization or business to thrive and you will ultimately experience more freedom.

A leader/owner is the ultimate strategist. A leader/owner maximizes his or her job/business by leveraging the talented individuals around them. Ensure that you have a team you can trust, otherwise you will always be limited by what you personally can do each day and you’ll always be stressed.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you love or be a part of the operations. By all means, you can still be the operator where it makes sense to be the operator. But allow yourself and your job or business to thrive by making this necessary shift in your mentality.

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