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Every Minute Counts

Today I had a profound experience that I felt I should share with you my friends. I had scheduled an appointment with one of the top professors in one of the top Universities in Uganda to have a career and partnership discussion. I am normally keen on time and known for being early than being late. In the hit of my schedule I was somewhat delayed to set off. I got to the place we were meant to meet five minutes late and I could hardly believe my eyes and ears.

Not only was I embarrassed that I was late, I was shocked to learn that the professor had been there earlier and left at exactly the top of the hour. This was one of the biggest shocks of my life more so that it was happening right here in down town Kampala- Uganda. I followed him up with a call and what I heard on the other side of the line was even more apprehending because he affirmed that a minute late and one hour late are more or less the same to him. I was apologetic and fortunately enough he allowed to reschedule.

The gist of the story is the fact that in a world where people abuse and misuse time, some have actually mastered the art of making the most of every minute and making each count. I have been converted concerning time management. I am convicted that wasting time is one of the things that could be slowing us down or causing us to miss divine opportunities.

It is worth evaluating yourself at the end of each day to find out how you spend your time and what you are able to accomplish with the use thereof. Are you a time waster or a time saver? This fact is a game changer when you take it to heart. It has the potential to reorganize your schedule, priorities and commitments.

If your like me, change begins now and not tomorrow. Among the many things that need to be saved, let us redeem the scarce resource – time. And the change begins now!!!

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