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Awakening the Giant within

When we think about giants; we envision people who are bigger, stronger and have more influence than the rest of us. Although many people think that giants are born, I believe that giants are made. We are each born with amazing potential that can revolutionize the world if explored or can remain dormant if unexplored.
Have you ever wondered what it is that makes some people stand out and others to simply be part of the flock? The answer is simple, some are unwilling to settle for less and keep challenging the status quo until they stand out like a sore thumb while others simply choose to go with the flow. You will have to decide what kind of person you want to be.
Giants go through a process of awakening to the reality of who they. It all begins with a realization of the innate potential that is within and the endless possibilities that could be explored. The turning moments comes at different points of people’s lives and under different circumstances but the results are always drastic. These include a total makeover of personality, esteem and confidence.
So how do you awaken the giant within?

Reading culture:I am blessed to have developed the reading culture at a very tender age and it has enabled me learn so much and set me on a journey of lifelong learning. I am what I am today because of the books and studies I have undertaken. What books are you reading? The truth you now is what sets you free. Intellectual capital is power waiting to be unleashed.
Find people who will sharpen you: Iron sharpens iron; even the best of us has need for improvement. Every successful person you know has been mentored and nurtured by someone at different stages of their lives. Find people who speak life into you and challenge you to be the best that you can be. Awakening to the giant you are will require a master mind team of people who are like minded and are willing to help you become better by walking with you. Who is your mentor? That answer tells us about your vision for life.
Arise to the call: Instead of asking what the world can do for you, go out there and be the solution to the world. Develop an eye for challenges and complex situations that need solving. The more challenges you embrace, the more you stretch out of your comfort zone. Be the kind of person that people think about calling when they have a problem. Giants offer counsel, solutions and refuge to those in need and trouble. It grows with practice so turn every challenge into an opportunity for growth.
Wait for the appointed time: every vision awaits an appointed time; wait for the right time for you to unveil your greatness. If you miss the timing, you stand being assassinated by your competitors. Walk with people who are wise and have an understanding of the times and seasons. Don’t unveil yourself; wait for the right moment to unveil you. Timing is crucial to the success of any vision.
Keep at it until you succeed: The key to reaching your full potential is refusing to give up. Whatever the obstacle or challenge, choose to keep pressing on till you succeed. Your vision will be opposed and sometimes challenged but when you keep pressing on, you will soon succeed. Successful people master the art of focusing their attention and energies on the things that matter the most to them. Keep your eyes on the reward and you will avoid the temptation to quit.

By Noeline Kirabo 

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