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Pursue Without Reservation

You will never know what lies on the other side of your decision unless you give it a try. Often times many of us give up before we even try because someone told you it was not worth the try. I had one of those kinds of experiences today. I have been searching for something for a while now- close to two weeks to be precise. The whole time I knew of someone who had exactly what I needed but did not dare to ask them.
Finally when all options failed, I decided to approach this person as a last resort. First I went through a mediator who is closely related to the source and she out rightly told me that offer was off the shelf but this did not settle well with me so I decided to approach the person who has the final say on the matter. To my surprise, the person was more than willing to make me an offer and I was more than ready to take it up.
The lesson that stood out for me is the fact that everything in life is worth a try. When I was growing up, my mother often told me it is better to try and fail than to fail to try. As an adult, I taught myself only to attempt the things that I was certain I would conquer. It is fallacy to believe that trying equals to failure because the reality is that you will never know what lies behind a closed door unless you attempt to open it up.
It does not matter what people say or think about a situation, if you are convinced; whatever it is, just go at it without any reservations. There is no loss in going after the things that you really want in life, be the kind of the person that will say no to failure and dare yourself to try. The mindset of champions is to set their eyes on the mission irrespective of the obstacles that may come their way.
What is it that you badly desire to have in your life at the moment? Now is the time to go at it full blast without any reservations. Be all that you can be and don’t be limited by what people say or think about the situation. You are a champion so live like one.
Noeline Kirabo

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