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Starting Strong # 10 Be intentional about recreation

In the race of life we can get so caught up in meeting deadlines and striking deals that we lose sight of the small things that make a huge difference. This is more common among entrepreneurs and start up directors. The reality is that you will always have more things that needs your attention so you have to be intentional about stepping away from your routines to relax and recreate.
In the early stages of my organization I hardly had any time to breathe. I was always running from one activity to another and the list was always endless. I completed my first year in operation without taking a single day of leave except the mandatory public holidays of which I continued to work from home and into the wee hours of the night. It’s seemed like a normal pattern because I was used to it.

In my second year of operation I nearly had a break down and in the third year I experienced a burn out. I knew beyond that point that I had to evaluate my patterns and make the necessary changes if I was to live long enough to see the fulfillment of my vision.
I have since learnt that rest is as important as work. It’s important to find the right work- life balance. You will have to be intentional about planning and scheduling your rest sessions. I have also learnt that it helps when you share your plans with your peers and friends so they can hold you accountable to it.
Choose relaxation activities that resonate with you and your lifestyle however also dare yourself to try out new things. Our bodies like cars, need regular servicing through rest and relaxation so we can keep operating at optimum potential. If your vision is worth living for then ensure that you have the health and body to see it come to accomplishment.

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