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The Law of Responsibility

You are completely responsible for everything you are and for everything you become and achieve. You become what you think about most of the time. And only you can decide what you think and how you think about it. Therefore, only you are responsible for

How Deep Is Your Drive To Succeed?

For the last four years, I have committed my life to supporting young entrepreneurs to actualize their personal and career goals. I work in a space where young people are using their skills, passions and talents to provide solutions to societal challenges in a profitable

Business Insights From Skipping

Taking on the skipping challenge is one of the best things that has happened to me this year. I started out wanting to improve my physical well being but I have learnt so much about life and business during my skipping sessions. I am now

Reclaiming My Space

I have a natural forbia for creepy things and it is one of those aspects of life that gives me a run for my money. I can conquer many mountains but the sight of a big lizard, snake or even big cockroach will get me

My reflections about personal independence:

It has been said that the strongest prisons we will ever encounter are not the ones built for us but rather the ones we build for ourselves. We are often prisoners of our own making. We tend to build our prisons and serve as prison

Traits Of Irresistible People (TIP) # 29: Self driven

I grew up thinking the only types of jobs available were doctor, dentist, lawyer… (you get it). I wasn’t exposed to many go-getters and out-of-the-box thinkers at a young age. Maybe I was, but it never clicked. As I got older, I started to meet more and more successful

Traits Of Irresistible People (TIP) # 28: Be Teachable

According to John C Maxwell, “People with a teachable spirit approach each day as an opportunity for another learning experience. Their hearts are open. Their minds are alert for something new. Their attitudes are expectant. They know that success has less to do with possessing