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Great Leaders Master The Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is a huge factor in the way we lead and follow. There is this notion that all failure is bad. In reality, unless we are willing to overcome the fears and be okay with failure, we will never know the opportunities set

The Importance of Having A Strong Support System

The people in your community who you surround yourself with play a key role in the levels of confidence you have and your overall well-being and success. However, if you cannot trust in your support system then that impacts your ability to believe in yourself

How to trust the process

You have probably heard the phrase- “Trust the process”, but this can be hard, especially in times of uncertainty. When we face hardships, it can be challenging to believe that those things have a purpose. It can feel like our challenges weigh us down and

7 Signs You Lack Confidence

Confidence speaks to the feeling of trust and belief we possess in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgments. Confidence impacts so many areas of our lives including the way we interact with other people and the decisions we make in our lives. A lack of confidence

10 Characteristics Of Confident People

How do you know if someone is truly confident? It can honestly be hard to tell, but there are some traits and characteristics that tend to be associated with people who possess confidence. Knowing these characteristics can not only help you spot a confident person

4 Types Of Confidence You Need To Excel In Life

Life is confusing and can be hard to navigate, even more so if you lack confidence. Being able to excel in life takes confidence, and everybody lacks confidence in some areas. Working on the different types of confidence, especially in areas you seem to have

What is life teaching you, and are you listening?

Life is an endless stream of data and information. When you break down your daily experiences, everything you learn from what happened serves as information you can use in the future. Often, buried in the information we glean from these experiences are life lessons. When

How to cultivate a growth mindset

According to Harvard Business Review, people who have a growth mindset believe they can constantly improve themselves through hard work, smart strategies, and constructive criticism from others. Having a growth mindset means you’re always open to learning more and developing throughout your lifetime. Having a